photo 2hello!

i’m sarah oliver. a texas-girl, living in england with my english husband, richard, our three crazy kids and a dog.

i love art and beautiful design, poetry, being outside, research, real food and coffee. always coffee. i am a ‘loud music dancin’ cleaner, lego building assistant, interior stylist, kid’s book reader extraordinaire. i am currently exploring typography and painting, home educating our little brood and i prefer to eat my ice cream with a fork.

richard is my life and my love. a strategic brander and graphic designer who whips up some mean saturday morning pancakes, is a legendary ‘story from your mind’ teller and is my hot bookstore and coffee date when we manage to escape from the littles. he does not approve of the fork ice cream eating.

we also love god so much. his goodness and faithfulness to us is astounding. without him, none of the above would be possible, or much fun!

staying awake has been my personal journal for the past few years. i love writing and am a major external processor so this small corner of the internet has been my outlet and my vehicle for dream chasing and exploration. this process of learning to stay awake has evolved over the years and so this blog is going to be evolving quite a bit too (you can read more about that here). in the process of this renovation, and even afterwards, you will still find a random assortment of my everyday thoughts and get a peek into our family life. i will still share creative projects we are working on and link to resources and inspiring discoveries i have made. i am excited to share loads more with y’all as this space evolves!




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