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i finally found it: the best sourdough sandwich bread


hello! it has been radio silence for over 10 days now. sorry y’all. ground floor coffee shop is opening in less than 4 weeks and i am up to my eyeballs in interior design, ordering our (expertly branded!!!) marketing print and training manuals. it is so much fun and i wish i had time to blog about all i am doing everyday, but by the time 10pm rolls around (my usual blogging time) i am either still working through a to do list or in an exhausted, glazed over stupor.

praise god for saturdays eh?!

anyway, i wanted to share this recipe with you from the ladies over at because i am beyond pleased to have stumbled upon it last week.

as you all may remember, i have been on a sourdough journey for 6 months now and used several different recipes in the search for ‘as close to what we are used to’ healthy, homemade bread. oh yea and it also has to be super easy and appealing to my children and my (still skeptical about real food, mostly cause he misses sandwiches) hubby.

many failed, time consuming and too crumbly or too crusty attempts later, i have hit the jackpot recipe. i had hope when i saw the limited list of ingredients, i was pretty convinced when i saw the gorgeously elastic texture while my kitchen aid was kneading it and i was rejoicing when the final product was approved by all!

its so freaking easy, tastes so good and the texture is pretty much as close to store-bought as i could have hoped for.

here are my tips for success with this recipe (after a few rookie blunders!):

-grease (with organic butter or coconut oil) the top and underside of top of your kneading tool for your stand-mixer, it keeps the dough from riding up and getting in the mixer motor!

-this recipe actually, i found, only makes 1 large, normal sandwich size loaf.

– do not skip the last step of brushing the top of the cooked loaf with organic butter or coconut oil. this is the key to the crust being soft. if you skip it, it goes rock hard!

-invest in a bread slicer or other slice guide to make the loaf even more sandwich friendly.

happy bread baking!