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music love: old crow medicine show

i have given up on music mondays and tune tuesdays… clearly, my life does not afford the organisation possible for a weekly, set day, feature. ah well. i will still be posting any and all new music finds that i love for your listening enjoyment but it might not be so regular or so schedule…i’m cool with it if you are!

today i introduce to you: old crow medicine show. their sound might not be for everyone, but i certainly loved listening to them. maybe its their urban, bluegrass sound or my dixie-land roots or the fact that it is just interesting to hear some young guns playing old mans music.

have a listen, check out their website and let me know what you think!

happy wednesday!


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(new) music monday

so this is the second time-in a row!-that i have published a music monday post on tuesday. i am thinking of changing the name of the feature to: tunes tuesday…maybe. it’s not as catchy.

anywho. one of my dear friends, zoe joy harries, has released her first single on iTunes and i wantedto share the word, spread the love, etc.

to have a listen click here

and share, share, share!

love, sarah

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happy music monday

or tuesday. i’m a day late. on my unofficial feature. clearly one night of meal planning does not, an organised girl, make.


in the land of emo and melancholy brit rock, i long for happy music. you know, like mmmbop…sike! ha. not, like mmmbop, but you know what i mean. music that sticks in your head for hours, makes you involuntarily sing along and generally uplifts your day just for listening.

here are my favourite, ‘turn up loud, roll down your windows and sing at the top of your lungs’ songs. enjoy!

flo rids-good feeling

cee lo green-forget you

eliza doolittle-pack up

paloma faith-upside down

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this week’s highlights

here are some highlights of the past week. i have had tons of thoughts swirling around my head and have started about 5 post drafts this week but have not had a moment to finish them. i am sure some week soon, there will be a barrage of posts that all started this month. look out for them. they will be awesome.

in the meantime, check out the fun we have been having, and all my new loves!

brook fraser. check out this song, and this one, and this one. oh my. i’m buzzing.

my new kitchen decor

this baby mobile! hoping to make one for my future little love, hero peacock.

learning–no wait–demanding to eat on our own!

trying on hats for autumn! all with lots of brotherly hugs, of course.

we have also been learning a little italian this week! i have a good friend who is italian and all the sudden sam has started noticing that when she speaks to her son–his fun little buddy, jacob–its in a different language. and sam thinks it is hilarious. so, we started teaching him some words for fun. so far on the list, ciao, pizza, pasta and basta, which means ‘stop!’ and, incidentally, is a word my friend uses quite a lot with the boys, so we thought it was useful!

ciao ciao. sarah x o

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my all-time favourite

a beautiful, melancholy song for sad days

like i have mentioned recently, on bad days, music gets me through when not much else does. today, i am feeling really homesick. a few dashed hopes of a summer visit to the states have left me feeling more homesick than ever. it stinks to be this far away from the people and homeland i love.

so of course, when i am missing the great planes of oklahoma and the amazing skies of texas, i listen to caedmon’s call, a band from the south that has been my comfort and favourite for 14 years now. their music and lyrics taught me about god when i first decided to walk with jesus, i learned how to harmonise listening to danielle sing. they are the reason i started playing guitar. but the biggest attraction was their authenticity. they always felt to me like they had fought through the malaise of church culture and found an authentic faith, something i craved in those first days, and still do.


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don’t fear

i am back again with the honey trees. i am obsessed. their creativity and use of sound is inspiring, their personal style enviable and their lyrics, well, they rock my life. i mean, their album is called, wake the earth. need i say more?!

this song is particularly amazing. i have copied the lyrics below.

don’t fear. the honey trees.

You saw it fall like the rain, oh
and my soul longs to see your face, oh
come, oh sun, come light up our eyes, oh
come, oh sun, come wake up our souls

you saw it fall like the rain, oh
and my soul longs to see your face, oh
come, oh sun, come light up our eyes, oh
come, oh sun, come wake up our souls

you said you’re scared, but i’ll catch you
if you fall, don’t fear, i’m right here