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the list: thing 2

romantic poetry i thoroughly enjoy poetry. specifically that of the romantics. i never studied it as part of my english degree. it was a class i was waiting to take but didn’t ‘need’ in the end. i have this ‘thing’ about doing things in order.… Read More

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i love my kids. love them. i would not trade my life now for my life before they were here. even if it is hectic, frantic, challenging in every area imaginable and super messy. they are also charming, magical, hilarious and a joy to be… Read More

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the list: thing 1

so i’ve been thinking about deliberate living, staying awake, etc, and have decided that one fantastic way to do this is to make a list. a list of all the things i enjoy. a list of all those things that make me smile inside. a… Read More

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deliberate living

i remember reading Walden for the first time at 16. i remember feeling something deep inside of myself resonate with Thoreau’s words. i remember promising myself that i would ‘live deliberately‘ at all costs. i do not remember the moment i forgot that promise. i… Read More