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it’s getting closer!!!


we here at 10 the green are getting (maybe overly?) excited about christmas!!!

this morning was no exception. after tearing another link off of our advent paper chain we tucked into some pumpkin french toast with icing sugar ‘snow’.

only two days away! eeeeeeee!

love, us

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diy: festive gingerbread house

this was our christmas-y adventure for today!

tools: pre-cute gingerbread house (ours was from ikea!), icing for binding it all together (i quickly whipped up a spiced vanilla buttercream for ours), m&m’s for decorations, icing sugar for snow and a galaxy ripple for the chimney!

instructions: use icing on all edges and lightly push gingerbread ‘house’ sides and roof together. one part of our roof had broken in the package, but was soon fixed with more icing! pipe icing into little balls for the m&m’s to stick and hire a 3-yr-old to put the m&m’s on. they are good at it. they also eat m&m’s along the way, keeping your snacking to a minimum. good weight control strategy!

next, ice the galaxy ripple on the flat side and stick on the side of the house! the best and most fun part, for us, was the ‘snow’. we put some icing sugar into an old spice jar and made the whole thing look real snowy. all done!

oh yea, and take lots of pics for your blog. that is always very important to remember! 🙂

such an easy, fun thing to do! now for the hard part…not eating it until after dinner on christmas eve!!!

love, sarah

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you do the math



these women are both 50 years old…what?! say it ain’t so.

the blog post i just read over at domestic goddess was a revelation!

i mean i have been on the real food journey for a bit now and have been pleasantly surprised at how nice the food is, but come on, this does it. i am full-on sold out for the (good for you, grass-fed cows) butter and (raw) cream thing.

here’s to loving real food and looking hot when i’m 50!!

embrace the curves, sarah

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leftovers chicken pie

20111220-221142.jpgi hate it when my kids are whining about dinner and i look in the fridge and actually there is a little bit of a lot of leftovers but not much i can do with them. this happens to me a lot recently as i haven’t been making it to the store for a full shop. just the bits I need for the day.

today, however, i must have gotten zapped by the inspiration fairy or something because, no lie, one of the best meals i have ever made came from a fridge full of leftovers. so i’m sharing! get excited.

leftovers chicken pie

leftover organic, free-range roast chicken, chopped
leftover spoilt pig bacon, chopped
onion, chopped
half a courgette (zucchini), chopped
black pepper
sea salt

sauté above ingredients in butter. i used a lot. but it was organic, grass-fed cow butter. so it was ok.

meanwhile i put some puff pastry (found at back of fridge!) on the bottom of casserole dish and put in oven at 200•C to brown slightly.

when the stuff on stove was all nice and sizzling i added some leftover homemade soup (made with stock from the aforementioned roast chicken) to make a juicy filling and simmered it until the pastry in the oven had browned.

i added the filling to the dish, topped with puff pastry and cooked until golden.

honestly… the pastry wasn’t too healthy, but the rest of it was good old fresh, leftover food that probs would have been thrown away. awesome.

what kinds of things do you do with leftovers?! i would love some more inspiration!

happy wednesday.


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diy: branded chalkboard


i have been pretty bad at keeping my little blog post up to date on all the comings and goings at number 10 the green. mostly because its been so darn busy, but no excuses!

lots off little stories combined: ground floor coffee shop is a reality in the very near future. its been a collective dream for many years and it is so exciting to be working towards it.

my role in making this little world of awesomeness happen is: marketing and staff training manager, with a lot of voluntary interior design and brand championing on the side! it is crazy and busy and fun and challenging and amazing all rolled into one funky little package.

my job this week: to market the near opening of ground floor coffee shop at the kings arms church carol services, their biggest events of the year. lots of visitors, lots of tenants at kings house, all needing to know that we are coming. soon!

my idea: a branded chalkboard


my sweet friend and co-interior conspirator extraordinaire, caroline, sadly broke an awesome mirror a few weeks ago (i was secretly happy when the finished product turned out so fab!). she was gonna throw it, but texted to see if i thought it could work for a future menu board. i thought so, then the light-bulb moment: old framed mirror come chalkboard is way cooler than any banner or flyer.


we cleared out any excess glass and painted the backing with chalkboard paint using a mini-roller and artists brush.


after it had dried, i printed off the ground floor logo the size i wanted for the brand. i cut it out and then rubbed chalk all along the backside of the printed logo.


i then taped the logo where i wanted it on the chalkboard.


then, using any kind of pencil, you trace around the edges of the logo…here is the awesome bit…


the chalk on the back of the paper acts like carbon paper! (incidentally, this works with lead from a pencil on wood as well and can be painted in too! its such a versatile technique!) so there you have it, a perfect logo outline on a chalkboard.


next, using a dry-wipe chalk pen (i got mine from staples) you fill in all the outline to mimic your logo. and voila!

a near perfect brand logo on a chalkboard. no expensive vinyl stickers needed! just some basic materials and–no lie–about a half an hour! snap!

and just so y’all can see the totally finished piece, here it is. it was a hit!


lots of love and happy christmas!


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american by birth, texan by the grace of god

the title of this post is actually from a bumper sticker my sister and i had on the door of our bedroom when our parents moved us away from texas to the distant (or so it felt then!) land of oklahoma. i soon found out that oklahoma isn’t terribly different, but the sentiment still remains. although maybe now it should read, american by birth, southern by the grace of god.

whichever way you figure, i am southern. move me around the usa. plant me in england. i am still a small town girl from dixie-land. and some days–in between the ‘a bit’s, ‘shall we’s, and all manner of other english figures of speech i have adopted–i long to talk like i used to. today is one of those days, so i figured i would make you a list of the southern words i miss. enjoy!

dadgum, cotton pickin, figure, y’all, cattywampas, fixin’to, hankering, howdy, ain’t, hunkey dorey, piddlin’, tarnation and yonder.

it makes me smile just to read ’em!