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happy birthday rae

three years ago today, this beautiful girl became a part of our family. she was the fulfilment of two major dreams (to have a daughter and to have a natural birth) and she has continued to bless my life everyday since.

she has the most fun, quirky, playful personality of anyone i have ever met. she is winsome and charming and absolutely gorgeous inside and out.
we celebrated with a simple but lovely party at our local park. the great british weather obliged us and we enjoyed wearing our sundresses, climbing on the jungle gyms and eating lots of strawberries and cake.

rae had a very specific idea of what her cake should be like. ‘yellow cake, strawberries all over and chocolate on top.’ i had a fun challenge trying to fit that all in with our latest step in the real food journey but i was so pleased with how it turned out. it was a gaps diet friendly vanilla cake made with almond flour (recipe found here, i cannot recommend it highly enough!) with whipped cream and honey frosting-made yellow with 2 tsp of turmeric.

it was delicious and healthy and most importantly my beautiful girl loved it.

thank you everyone for celebrating our stunning daughter with us!


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