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Spring Fling at the Park

what a fabulous idea for building community in our area, not to mention that i LOVE the idea of laughing in the face of the british summer! you can bet the littles and i will be attending, complete with waterproof picnic blanket, wellies and a change of clothes just in case. if you live in the area you should totally come, and if you see us, please do come say hi! sarah

Park Life

Two great British traditions will come together on Saturday in Russell Park – the marvelous concept of the picnic, and also LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF THE BRITISH SUMMER.

We like both. Picnicking, for obvious reasons – delicious food, eating outdoors, on a nice rug, (or just one that has been rolling around in the back of the car for an unspecified number of years, it really doesn’t matter-)  perhaps a pork pie or two- a picnic is a really lovely, outdoorsy, social way to eat.

And, laughing in the face of the British so-called-Summer. Well, it is practically a national obsession, and you can usually turn it into a nice game to help pass the time as you shelter from the latest downpour.

“Who can remember a worse Spring?”

“Ah, the May of 1985 was terrible – definitely colder.”

“But do you remember the awful drought of May 1991? At least…

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