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today is {happy}


today marks the end of my first week on my own with three kids. it wasn’t as overwhelming as I expected it to be… neither was it as easy as i was hoping. contrary to all the photos, max doesn’t actually sleep that amazingly but we are slowly working out a rhythm that suits us all and i think, all things considered, i could call it a good week!

today is also the beginning of the easter weekend and the day i was able to take a long walk in the sun with our sweet young family without feeling too desperately worn out at the end. glory!

and, while we were out walking we popped into our favourite local charity shop and stumbled upon an amazing find.

the entire 20 story book set of the wind in the willows! the illustrations are gorgeous and of course the story is charming as ever.

they are the perfect length for reading to sam and rae whilst feeding the little guy and i couldn’t be more thrilled to have found such a classic for such a bargain.

as things continue to settle down around here and we get used to our new normal, i am very much looking forward to sharing more design and celebration posts (for some killer easter activities and celebration ideas check out my pinterest celebration board–we are definitely making the pirate egg people this afternoon)!

i also had a great idea, inspired by this gal, to share our story this year. how this british mister and i ended up together, our kids’ birth and name stories and any other fun, landmark events that have happened in between. i love it that someday our kids will have this blog as a journal of our young families adventures.

happy saturday and happy easter tomorrow. sarah


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