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three blogs i’m currently obsessed with

in the past few months, while researching crafts and fun ideas for celebrating the small holidays throughout the year for my, year of {celebration} series, i have stumbled upon a few new blogs that i am absolutely in love with. these ladies are creative moms who have a super keen eye for good design and really enjoy creating and playing with their kids. i have found their craft/art ideas inspiring and their celebration of their children heartwarming.


merandboysB750pxwidemer mag: her craft ideas and posts about everyday life are darling

whysmallfrysmall fry: this is where you can find other inspiring blogs, chic and practical kids clothing as well as more creative activitiesnewheader4

and che and fidel: i am obsessed with her 52: a portrait a week idea (basically she does a portrait of her children, once a week, every week–fab!) and am going to start it hopefully in april or may.

i hope you enjoy having a peruse of these sites! they have given me all new inspiration for my days with the littles. sarah xo


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