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a year of {celebration} st patricks day

my celebrating of st patrick’s day has unfortunately not taken off due to the littlest oliver coming along in such a dramatic fashion, but i did still want to share some of the things i would have done, had i been in a state to prepare and do.


i absolutely loved this idea from these girls and will definitely be doing it next year and probably adapt it to fit other holidays as well!


and, this idea seemed like a fun and easy first sewing project for rae and sam. maybe not to make barrettes but i was thinking a clover garland or possibly just a pin for their tops that day.

i am sure that i will actually get to do some of these fun ideas with the kiddos soon enough, but for now i am so enjoying collecting ideas (you can follow my ‘year of {celebration} board on pinterest to see them all!) and i love seeing how other moms are making these small holidays special for their littles.

i do hope you enjoy st patty’s day! i know i will. the nice thing about the low iron levels is that i ‘have’ to drink a pint of guinness each day as its stock full of the stuff. bummer huh?! sarah xo


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