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today is {new}


this is my sweet view for several hours a day. a precious baby boy who, in his six days here, has already stolen our hearts and become quite the object of admiration!

like a true oliver, he came into the world with a bit of drama. my planned water birth turned into an emergency caesarean. he is totally fine and doing great but this momma lost a lot of blood in the process. i am ok and home now but the pain post surgery and low iron levels are proving challenging.

it always seems terribly unfair for them to give you a newborn after major surgery (wink!).

but, today is new. my heavenly dad has new mercies every morning (lamentations 3:23). every one. he gently guides those with young (isaiah 40:11) and even with sorrowful nights, he promises joy afresh each morning (psalm 30:5).

my hope in this beautifully challenging time is that i will remember to take in each wonderful moment, love on my babies, wonder at this new life and trust that with each passing day i will gain more strength–all whilst resting in the fact that i have a father who loves me and gives me a fresh start each morning.

aaaaaand breathe…



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