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bookstore thursdays + our favourite children’s books


last month we went from being a two car family to a one car family. it’s a long story that i won’t tell here but, as with most bummers in life, something pretty awesome has come out of it. we now have a fabulously fun new family tradition. once a week we all pile in the car at 8am and take daddy to work so we can take sam to gymnastics, which is right by richard’s studio. sharing the commute is such fun and having wheels once a week is so necessary for my errands but in between daddy’s drop off and sam’s activity we had almost 3 hours to kill… 40 minutes from home.


fabulously, right down the road, there is a huge bookstore with a substantial kid’s section–complete with bean bags and an activity table–and a coffee shop upstairs. perfection! bookstore thursdays are now the highlight of our week. the kids get juice (that must of course be put in takeaway coffee cups to look like mommy), i get my triple espresso fuel for the day and we spend a good two hours surrounded by books, reading stories to each other. it. is. awesome.

Oh No, George! 9781406332254_CVR

and… i may or may not have blown my kid’s activity budget this month on all the charming new books we have discovered. but hey, if you are going to blow a budget, books–and my dad would most certainly agree–are the thing to blow it on!

Pirate Nxt Door Cov

here are some of our month’s discoveries. charming stories + beautiful illustrations/design = harmony in the oliver household. enjoy! sarah

1. we love ANYTHING by oliver jeffers, but the great paper caper is our most current obsession.
2. a bit lost by chris haughton. it’s like a modern and gorgeously illustrated, are you my mother. love it.
3. oh no george! again by chris haughton. again with the beautiful design and maybe the most charming story about dogs i’ve ever read. if you love dogs, you will adore this book.
4. the pirates next door by jonny duddle. a rhyming story that is pretty darn funny, extremely british and sam’s absolute favourite.

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