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what we would have done… you know if we weren’t all puking


did you know that sunday 3rd february was national carrot day?! i know, i know. you are shocked and appalled you missed it, i mean, it is almost as big as christmas.

in the spirit of celebrating the small stuff , we olivers had a plan to bring in the carrot day with some high class festivities. sadly, we caught a stomach bug and all but daddy couldn’t keep more than a few sips of water down for nearly the whole weekend. yes, that was very fun at 37 weeks pregnant, thanks for asking.

but here’s what we had planned to do (which, now that i am typing, i realise we totally could still do as my kids have no idea–and indeed neither does anyone else–when national carrot day is).


breakfast: orange carrot bread with natural yogurt and maple syrup

lunch: roasted carrot soup with sourdough toast (roast some carrots, add a sauteed onion, some homemade stock, cream, salt and pepper and you are good to go. delicious!)


activity: plant our little carrot seedlings in empty egg cartons for planting in the garden in a few weeks time and do some carrot art like these girls.

snack: carrot cake smoothie

dinner: jamie oliver’s roast beef w/ baby yorkies meal (of course including carrots as a side)

here’s to carrots! sarah


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