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the ‘rug under the dining table’ conundrum


now isn’t that just beautiful?! obviously the styling, the hairpin legs and cleverly colour coordinated mismatched chairs are part of the charm, but the rug. ah the area rug under the table. i LOVE this look.


(ps NOT my workshop! i wish but its just part of the photo i found, please click on photos for links to sources)

an area rug helps define a dining room without using walls in an open or shared space. it can add a pop of colour to a bland or monotone floor, even give a facelift to an older and slightly-in-need-of-updating table and chairs set. in fact, i think the one i have fallen in love with will absolutely transform our dining room! but richard thinks i am nuts and has so far refused to cough up the cash for this. why would he be so cruel you ask?!


he pretty much thinks the kids will trash it in under 24 hours. and frankly, this has been the main, if not only reason, i have not jumped on this gorgeous trend sooner. how in the world do people with crazy little mess makers pull this off? the above dining room, would you believe, belongs to a 5 year old and nearly 3 year old.


and here we have it, my favourite example of this style by far, with kids included, topped off with a sneaky, chic highchair in the left corner proving that indeed a baby does use this table, and rug, as well. the secret? yes, i googled it. and 8 out of 10 answers was: a dog.

sign me up. i have wanted one for years and if it means we get a dog and a designer dining room i will drive to the nearest breeder now… or maybe a few months after baby o comes… you know… to be realistic. sarah



  1. JuliaK

    Or a floor sweeper- not as cute and furry mind but the handheld ones are brilliant at picking up rice cereal etc

  2. I have to admit. With dogs, our floors are so much cleaner than without them! Crumbs, spills…gone in a jiffy. I rarely have to clean from under the table!

    • I am going to forward this comment to Richard in an email. I am starting a file of reasons why a dog would be awesome. He is a cat guy…

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