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today is {for taking stock}


i can’t tell you how many times i have sat down to write a post in the past few weeks. or how many posts i have started to write and now sit, as drafts, patiently awaiting for me to do… what… i am not sure.

you see, i started this blog almost 2 years ago because i was a writer who was not writing, a dreamer who was not dreaming, a new mom who felt lost and an artist who did not know how to find space and time to create within her new beautifully chaotic life.

writing in this carved out, special ‘me’ space online helped bring me back to life. i didn’t really plan the content or care whether it was totally random or consistent with itself. i just wrote and it helped. a lot.

then last year, i saw a 10 year dream fulfilled. i got to help plan, design, market, start-up and run a–if i do say so myself–pretty kick-ass coffee shop in my sweet english town. it was a nearly all consuming task that required a large amount of sacrifice for myself and my family, but i do not regret doing it in the least. the experience, the things i have learned, the mistakes i have made, the way my husband and i learned to work creatively together, the way my kids got to see their momma dream and create, and the internal priorities that began to arise and solidify in my heart regarding how we do family culture in busy times were so worth it. it was a RICH experience.

and during this time, staying awake was neglected, but rightly so. my blog took a backseat to my kids who themselves, at times, had to take a backseat to ground floor. but now–with oliver hybrid baby no. 3 coming in less than 6 weeks (i know right?!) and my role at ground floor being handed over so i can focus on our newest little man–i find myself writing blog posts in my head constantly. posts about many many things: the things i have learned this year, the things my kids are teaching me, the way we eat and why, my ever so slight obsession with interior design, my growing artistic inspirations, the mistakes i make and what they bring up in me and the myriad cultural hilarities of living in a foreign country. so many things.

i am not sure what staying awake will look like this coming year, but i do know that my heart and my mind are processing the deeper things that went on during the past crazy year and i want to capture them. they may be erratic, might be topical, might be deep, may be about beautiful things or simply about my day. i cannot, and don’t honestly want to, focus them just yet. but i will be writing.

i saw this idea on the internet recently and loved it as a platform to share. it can be a small 2 sentence post or, like this one, a platform to communicate deeper things. so, while i am working out how to organise my thoughts and bring my writing back into the forefront of my weekly life, i am going to use it as a springboard. i hope you enjoy it.

if you fancy grabbing a cup of coffee and pondering the deeper things of life with me or just want to flick through beautiful design photos or appreciate the wonder of childhood, you are very welcome indeed. i’m glad you are here.




  1. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading about the journey you’ve taken and the journey you will be taking. 😀 Congrats on #3! Three’s a charm. 😉 Keep up the great work.

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