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happy new year


it’s been pretty quiet around here huh?

the reason being we’ve been making the most of the christmas holidays: fighting bugs, doing our activity advent calendar, going out for family coffees and enjoying some extended time with daddy around the house (12 whole days!). it has been lovely and relaxing and a great chance to think and process, take stock, plan and dream together as a family. i don’t know about you but i love planning and dreaming and making lists. especially when it is done in collaboration with inspiring people and even better when one of those people is your pretty awesome hubs. (awww…)

it has been a very good few weeks and a nice marker of our family’s transition into a new season (i am finishing my marketing work in 3 weeks time as our latest addition to the family is arriving sometime in late february)!

the quiet on the blog won’t last much longer i promise. one of my planning and dreaming topics has been the future of this blog, its content and consistency. i am excited to get a bit more streamlined and focussed and see what happens. it is fun to have a fresh new season to spark inspiration!

happy new year and happy friday.



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