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what a day!


today was a big day in the oliver house. sam rode his bike without stabilisers (training wheels for the yanks)!!! i am so proud. like crazy proud and i totally cried.

sam has been pretty nervous about all the wobbling around but over this month had shown such bravery and determination to keep trying through his fear. he didn’t let the set backs or falls get him down and today it all clicked.

seeing my boy accomplish one of his first dreams has been more thrilling than i ever could have imagined.

and it just ismakes me think about how god must feel towards us when, however wobbly and unstable, we chase our dreams and see them become reality.

happy wednesday! sarah


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  1. thisischristine

    Congratulations Sam! We are so far from this milestone. In fact, I recently had to buy bigger stabilisers because the bikes don’t come with them once you’re as tall as Mamie. She was not convinced this was a good enough reason though…

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