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my home wishlist

i love ikea. not all of their products, or even a quarter of them to be completely honest. but, i find their approach to home design, layout and decor is something i admire and appreciate when i am out of ideas!

they always have creative and efficient room layout ideas. unique storage solutions. plenty of plain, practical products that neither offend or impress (most of which can be ‘pimped’ into fabulous creative home ideas). and every so often they have a handful of products that, when cleverly placed, one would never guess came from them!

here is my ikea wishlist for this year… a few products that i can (very inexpensively) add into my second-hand, handmade, industrial/vintage home decor. yippee!


the first rug i have every wanted to buy from ikea and i. love. it!


a kitchen trolley in a great colour with an industrial design that i am actually going to use for toy storage in my playroom!


a gorgeous, vintage-inspired, black iron bed frame that will look amazing with some of my thrifted throws and give me better under-bed storage (i’m thinking apple crates on casters!) than i have currently.

happy monday!



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