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sofa love.

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i love mid century design. like love it. and i have been looking for a fabulous vintage sofa for about 3 months now.

i know what you are thinking. didn’t someone GIVE you a fabulous vintage sofa a year or so ago and didn’t you SELL it to buy a design-less sofa bed? yes. admittedly, this happened. it was a moment of sole practicality that i still have a bit of ‘seller’s remorse’ over, ok? ok.

however, one of the reasons i ended up selling the gorgeous, original sofa is because of the comfort level. not being funny, but vintage furniture is not so much synonymous with comfort and, lets face it, my hubby and i like to cuddle and watch movies a lot, so comfort is high on the priority list.

so after several failed attempts at buying a comfy, actual vintage sofa on ebay, i have begun the search for modern, mid-century furniture. comfort and style in one. sweet.

the above photo is from elsie’s new living room. i swooned. and then cried a little bit. thrive furniture is only available in the us (all family members feel free to say the obligatory, ‘well if you just moved back to the states…’ line!).

for those of us who live in the uk and may do still for quite some time (cue wink at my mom and sister) i have done a little research. and although i have not found a thrive substitute quite yet. there are a few nice options out there!

the cori sofa fromย is super cute, but sadly doesn’t come in any crazy colours.

the sixty seven sofa from john lewis doesn’t have as classic a silouette but is pretty close and comes in a wide variety of fun colours including teal and mustard!

and finally, the ritchie collection from not a huge colour selection (the 2 above colours are it!) but super cute, update mid-century design.

i’m currently selling half my house contents (including the aforementioned totally practical and utterly un-exciting sofa bed) on ebay so that i can buy that cori sofa from!

wish me luck! and let me know if you find/know of any more places to get mid-century furniture in the uk. i am on a mission.

happy tuesday!


UPDATE: just found this guide to buying mid-century furniture in the uk. and although there is still nothing ‘new’ and vintage looking its quite a fun little browse! especially the kid’s section of



    • so cool, but what kind of budget do you think i’m working with?! LOL! maybe with your crazy mic money you can get it for me for christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Jemma

    Just realised your third sofa comes from Must have been having a brain free moment when I posted. Apologies for the duplication, but then their sofas are lush.

  2. Yin

    Hi Sarah, have you got the Cori? As it is on my list as well would love to know how you find about it so far!

    • Hi Yin! No I do not yet have the Cori. We are saving up for it right now though. ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s so beautiful isn’t it?! Love, Sarah

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