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beautiful spaces




here’s a few snaps of what i’ve been working on this week. i love creating small, beautiful spaces in my home. it’s always so nice when you can look in any direction and see a sweet nook or a pretty display. my sister is fabulous at this and i got so inspired being at her house in seattle this summer.

it is very easy in the crazy of little kids small budgets and working momma-hood to neglect home aesthetics or at the very least push them down the priority list. but i have found that having beauty around me helps creativity and grace and joy flow out of me. whether its one of my beautiful babies or a vintage chair, an inspiring quote or delicious meal. maybe that’s why god made nature the way he did. colourful nooks and crannys and giant mountains full of beauty and inspiration and life in every direction.

i am now on a mission (albeit slow going as it’s subject to budgets and the needs of babies) to have nothing in my house that i do not know to be practical or believe to be beautiful. it is a fantastic barometer! easier to de-clutter, less easy to spend carelessly and it fosters so much creativity. win-win-win.

what gets your creative juices flowing?

happy saturday, sarah

piano-eBay £12; typewriter-eBay £10; beatrix potter book-thrifted 50p; frame- thrifted £2 and painted with a tester pot of coral £2 and blackboard paint borrowed from faith; lamp- tk maxx £6; vintage tumbler ‘posy vase’-thrifted 25p; vintage bowl-thrifted gift; pinecones-collected on an autumn family walk; pewter mug-family heirloom.


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