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i love not having a dishwasher

believe me, when we moved into our latest rental property mid-july i did not think i would be thankful for the lack of a dishwasher. and, let’s be honest, i might not even agree with my own current state of mind in a week’s time. but today, right now, in this present moment i am thankful.

not often in my life of motherhood, marketing managing and worship leading do i have moments of pure brain space. moments where i am free to think about what i think about things that are happening in my life or to dream about the things that are not happening, or to ask why they aren’t and make plans to alter my/our families courses of action. i have grand plans to build ‘reflection time’ into my schedule but those grand plans often get swallowed up by the everyday tasks and unexpected detours that life throws my way. or i try to grab brain space whilst life is happening around me and end up getting annoyed or cranky with who, or whatever, has interrupted my attempts at grabbing some peace.

needless to say, i am now forced into a situation where, for roughly 15-20 minutes, at least twice a day, i have to stand still and mindlessly wash my dishes. i am not always alone during this task, but when i am, my brain and heart are in heaven. i have solved many a problem, dreamt many a dream and even come up with some marketing strategies for work that i otherwise might not have thought of if i hadn’t had the brain space to consider. i. am. loving it.

here’s to ditching technology and getting some much needed solitude and brain space for this busy working momma.

happy sunday!


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  1. Kathy

    I have a friend who had two small children, then twins. Her life was so busy that washing dishes was when she had her quiet time. Personally, I love washing dishes. I don’t want help in the kitchen. (As you may or may not remember).

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