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the ‘little man’ party


it all started back in february whilst getting outfits ready for a wedding. i bought sam some smart (yanks read: ‘fancy’!) shoes to go with a borrowed suit and he was smitten–with both the shoes and suit! he asked to wear them everywhere, even outside the garden… and being the lovely non-controlling, freeing momma i am… he wasn’t allowed to!

but, i did tell him i was happy for him to wear them any appropriate chance he got. and he has taken me up on it every time. little cutie!

so when it came time to pick his 4th birthday party theme i shouldn’t have been at all surprised when he asked for ‘a little man party’. i asked what that was and he, very matter of factly, gave me the plan.

‘it’s when all my friends come over and we dress up in suits and smart shoes and wear moustaches!’

ladies and gentleman (but mostly for my momma) i give you: THE LITTLE MAN PARTY

20120923-193725.jpg‘shirt and tie’ party bags (which included, among other tidbits, stick on moustaches!)


the moustache cake: red velvet with mascarpone cream cheese frosting and a chocolate sprinkle moustache–which as a total fluke ended up looking properly hairy!!


and pin the moustache on the man!


one of the best bits was seeing all the dads and moms don moustaches as well and join in the fun!! (isn’t mr. clark gable on the right a hottie?!)


(sam’s photo that he took of us before all the craziness started–his favourite instagram filter is ‘the grey one’)

we had heaps of fun celebrating our wonderful, brave, strong, clever little four year old man!

hope you had a wonderful sunday.

sarah x


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