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easy + delicious grain-free pancakes


these pancakes are yummy and healthy and could not be easier to whip up first thing in the morning. even on mornings like today where i was not up for cooking and we all slept in!

they are also super versatile. i have tried about 5 different variations and they have all turned out awesome so it’s a fun experimenting recipe too! once i tried apple and peanut butter ones… yum.

now, just for clarification–as pancakes mean 2 different things depending on which side of the pond you come from and my readership is pretty evenly split down the middle–when i say pancakes i mean ‘slightly thicker than crepes’ but not as big as crepes cause they are hard to flip if too big!

grain-free pancakes:
(makes 15 medium)
2 bananas (or 1 banana and 1 cup of other mashed fruit–we used fresh mango today!)
6-8 organic eggs (depending on how thick you want your pancakes or how many you pancakes you want).
1 tsp vanilla extract

heat up frying pan, add butter and then ladle in small amounts of the mixture. wait til bubbling and then flip!

we dusted ours with icing sugar just to garnish but they are also good with maple syrup! love, sarah


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