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a little more of who i am

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it’s probably around 7pm in this photo and still lingering around 96 degrees fahrenheit.

this is what it’s like where i’m from. big rusty trucks, hay bales, late warm sunny evenings…i could go on. cause i’m in one of those ‘missin home’ kinda moods. i watched the notebook yesterday and listened to country music all day today and have been giggling about how nostalgic i get about a place i used to hate admitting i was from.

you see, i moved around a lot growing up. born in dallas, texas. then lived in maryland, california, texas again, oklahoma, then texas one more time before immigrating to england. and the south just didn’t seem cool. i always tried to claim maryland or california as my ‘home’. they seemed so glamorous and sophisticated and–lets face it–more in line with my political slant. but the longer i have lived outside the usa and the more american ex-pats i meet, the more i realise that i truly, really, through and through, am a southern girl.

i’m a momma–not a mom or mum. i say y’all. a lot. i cannot bear to not home cook for guests–sometimes i don’t but i really have to tell myself it’s ok, i love sweet tea and walt whitman and horses and football on sundays.

i am a southern girl.



  1. GreatSmitten

    AMEN! Let’s drink sweet tea and eat buttermilk biscuits and listen to Randy Travis.

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