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i’ve been making mood boards! lots and lots and lots of mood boards because we are moving house. again. our fab old house is getting knocked down, so back into town we go. we are (not so) secretly very excited about being back in buzzing bedford again!

the past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement as ground floor coffee shop has come to life. i have been tweaking and training and designing and of course downing copious amounts of coffee all the while still looking after my 2 beautiful babies. it has been an adventure. sometimes bumpy, always exciting and thankfully, slowing down a bit now.

we oliver’s have a fun summer ahead. a family wedding. a trip to seattle. and a house move. so although i will be busy packing up a house and packing for a trip abroad and perusing the internet for cute wedding outfits, i have some fun things planned for staying awake as well. i will be blogging about how to find your personal style, how to rock the design in your rental property, rocking iphone photos as your only photos and of course have lots more real food recipes and ground floor updates along the way!

here’s to a creative, inspiring and family filled summer!



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