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best roast chicken ever: a real food recipe


ok so this is obviously a photo pre-cooking! i was in such a rush getting the kids ready for bed before our little mini dinner party that i forgot to take a pic of the beautiful bird when it was done! such a shame, it was truly gorgeous.

best roast chicken

turn your oven up as high as it will go and rinse your happy chickentaking out any giblets and set aside for making stock later! insert one onion, halved and a quarter of a lemon into the body cavity the bird.

place two vines of tomatoes at the bottom of a roasting tray along with the rest of your lemon. lay your chicken on top of the tomatoes and lemon.

now, in a saucepan, melt a large knob of organic butter with some dried oregano, dried rosemary, sea salt, crushed pepper and a little dash of paprika.

pour this mixture all over the bird, rubbing in as you go and covering as much of the skin as you can.

lay at least six rashers of happy bacon over the body of the bird and put in your oven, uncovered. immediately turn the oven down to 190degreesC and roast for the appropriate time for the weight of bird.

when the chicken is done, discard the bacon (it will be totally charred!) and serve with roasted broccoli and your preference of cooked potatoes (i like jamie oliver’s squashed potatoes!)–using the juices at the bottom of the pan for gravy!

it’s soooooo yummy.

happy wednesday!



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