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roasted broccoli: a real food recipe


this is, hands down, the best way to eat broccoli ever. i honestly had 2 whole HEADS of broccoli the other day for lunch. and no, it did not feel like i was ‘being good’. it felt like i was enjoying every freaking second…oh sweet gussy, it was amazing.

i hope you like it… (after all that build up!)

roasted broccoli 

heat up your oven to 190degrees C and cut up a head (or ten…) of broccoli and place in a large roasting tray or casserole dish. pour a few lugs of olive oil–or melted organic butter–over the broccoli and add your favourite seasoned salt to taste. i love using lawry’s seasoning salt or trader joe’s everyday seasoning (but i have to get that imported from the good old usofa)…

now toss with your hands, making sure you rub the little green leaves at the tips in the oil/butter real good (this makes it extra crunchy!) and bake in the oven for roughly 15-20minutes or until you get the desired brownness.

oh my it’s good. and littles-approved.



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