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music monday: jeremy larson

i know! it’s not monday… but this is now a tradition. it’s part of the endearing nature of staying awake… you never know which day of the week music monday will fall on. come on, you know you love that…!

i had such a fun moment this week. i was listening to the honey trees on spotify and thinking, ‘man i love this band,’ and remembered that there is a related artists tab on spotify! love.

so i clicked around for a little bit and found a singer/songwriter/musician named, jeremy larson. i loved his sound and listened for a few hours before i decided to check out his website. one look at his photo and i realised he is none other than the husband of one of my favourite bloggers. what a fun little small world link between people i don’t actually know…technology and the internet are weird sometimes eh?!

anywho. i liked the connection and it made me happy–almost as happy as his music had made me while i was working on more coffee shop stuff.

hope you enjoy listening!



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