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baked potatoes w/ happy beef & butter bean hash: a real food recipe


introducing my new favourite recipe. dear heavens to betsy this is delicious. the whole family (yes including the 2 year old!) scarfed it down. and i mean scarfed. it was supposed to serve 4…adults. and it served 2 adults and 2 under 4’s. awesome.

this was actually adapted from a recipe in jamie’s 3o minute meals. i cannot praise this cookbook enough. jamie oliver is a big fan of real food and therefore, even if you are on the more strict side of real food (grain-free, GAPS, SCD etc) you can very easily adapt these recipes to suit. it is a lifesaver and my kids have yet to turn their nose up at a meal from this book. even the ones with wilted greens for side dishes! garlic butter is the trick my friends….its like magic with the littles.

but onto the food love…without further ado, i give you…

baked potatoes w/ happy beef & butter bean hash

chuck a baked potato in the oven for every person you are cooking for (i put in smaller ones for the littles) and cook for about an hour at 190degreesC.

now brown a pack of happy minced beef in a large skillet adding a lug or two of olive oil, salt, pepper and some dried thyme (or rosemary if you don’t have any). add a sliced onion, a few sticks of sliced celery and two of any other chopped vegetables you fancy (i have used carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, red peppers and butternut squash in the past and they are all awesome and add their own distinct flavours to the recipe). add 3 cloves of crushed garlic, about 6 Tbsp worcestershire sauce and a little dried rosemary. put onto a low heat and let simmer while you take care of the next bit–i like to cover it to keep in the flavours.

in another, smaller skillet, add olive oil and brown a few rashers of sliced happy bacon. now either use 3 chopped, fresh tomatoes–or in my case this evening cause i was out of the fresh ones, strain a tin of chopped tomatoes) and chuck them in the pan once the bacon is browned. then add a tin of butter beans with their juices and simmer until the liquid is reduced. now add a few lugs of olive oil, a splash of red wine vinegar and season with sea salt, pepper and a bit of dried basil.

by now the beef should be nice and flavourful and the potatoes should be done! split open the potatoes, add a nice huge knob of organic butter to each and top first with the beef and then finish off with a spoonful of the butter beans.

it is delicious as is, and probably would be awesome with a little creme fraiche on top now that i think about it!

happy monday y’all,



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