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london design love

the oliver clan went on an adventure to sunny (well, scattered showers) london today!

20120505-205849.jpg 20120505-205859.jpg

it started with lunch on the train.

20120505-205647.jpg 20120505-205831.jpg

and then a cup of my absolute, most favourite coffee of all time–monmouth baby!–at st. pancras international station.


which, i might add, looks mighty fine with the olympic rings now on display. i didn’t even notice them until sam said, ‘look momma, lots of bracelets!’ what a cutie.

20120505-205812.jpg 20120505-205748.jpg

then onto the national history museum (not a fan of the kids’–dinosaurs are ‘too scary!’) and the science museum (a HUGE hit because of ‘all the buttons’!!) with lots of stops along the way for momma to take pics of all the beautiful design in the city.

20120505-205715.jpg 20120505-205732.jpg

i mean check out the vintage tube signs at south kensington station… gorgeous.

aside from the normal small kids challenges–and, i’ll be honest, a little anxiety on my part due to being in a huge city with them (all the unknowns! what if sam jumped off the tube and the doors closed and we left him on accident?!)–it was a pretty fun day.

it’s always nice to get out of your everyday normal and into a beautiful and inspiring environment!

happy saturday,



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