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happy food and why i eat organic meat


what do i mean when i say ‘happy’ bacon or ‘happy’ cows you wonder?

well, i mean cows and pigs and chickens and sheep that get to live the way they were made to live. roaming around outside in fields or woodlands, eating bugs and grass and clovers and whatever else they naturally find yummy.

why is this important you ask? am i one of ‘those’ PETA people? well, no not really. my official disclaimer here is that i think we need to treat everything in nature with respect. but i don’t tend to get fanatical about anything really…except coffee…there is absolutely no excuse for moderation when it comes to good coffee.

i digress. here is why its important that our animals are happy. ‘happy’ animals make healthy food. pure and simple. imagine if you were cooped up in a cell with no windows for sunlight or exercise for most, if not all of your life and fed a steady diet of processed gruel. in fact, imagine you were cooped up in that cell with like 50 other people. do you think your body would be very healthy? would you be considered healthy or diseased? most likely you would actually be diseased and need antibiotics and all the rest because you would be getting sick. a lot.

this is what most of the meat in the grocery store has come from. we are eating the meat of diseased animals. their meat is toxic because of their living conditions. and we eat it.

now imagine you live on a ranch, have loads of space and get to go outside a lot and eat yummy food of your choice that is natural and you are a runner. your body is probably going to be pretty healthy.

this is organic or pasteured meat my friends. those animals are healthy. they eat what their bodies were designed to eat, they get nutrients from the grass and sunlight and they move around a lot, therefore not as many toxins building up in their bodies.

this kind of meat is healthy and nourishing to our bodies. ‘happy’ cows make milk that is very good for humans. their butter is full of digestion-enriching enzymes. ‘happy’ chickens have natural gelatin in their bones and sinews that, when roasted or made into stock helps strengthen our joints.

this is why our family has swapped over to organic meat, eggs and dairy. yes it is more expensive and yes as a result we have a few veggie-only recipes on the menu each week so we don’t break the bank. but i figure a little extra cash and a few less meat-heavy meals a week is an investment in my families future. if we are healthier we can have more fun together, go on more adventures and see a few more dreams come to reality.

i love that idea.


resources: food renegade, nourishing traditions and lots and lots of article reading!



  1. Philbe

    Happy animals also tend to be slaughtered on the farms. Apparently when the animals are taken to the slaughter house they can get very stressed which also affects the meat so better for the animals to be slaughtered on the farms where they are at their most calmest.

  2. I agree. We buy all of our meat, eggs, milk, and cheese from local farmers, and the taste alone is worth it! I don’t understand why we started fiddling with nature in the first place. Didn’t God create a cow to eat a certain food? Grass? What makes us think that we can do a better job and that feeding a cow, chicken litter, plastic filler, dead cows, grains and a whole cocktail of drugs is going to make the meat taste good? Craziness!

    • hi heather, it is indeed craziness! i think the uk has more regulations on food processing that mean it’s generally safer and better for you than in the states. something i love about living here! food inc freaked me out! here’s to yummy, healthy, happy food!

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