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ground floor coffee shop branding sneak peek

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well here it is. the long awaited and exceptionally awesome reveal of the ground floor coffee shop brand!

this would be the reason for the lack of blog posts over the past ten days and the many broken promises of recipes to come on instagram. all this because i have been working hard to make this brand a reality. ordering print, creatively thinking about how to get as much printed for the cheapest price and basically using and (at some points) exploiting the significant talents of my hot hubby.

i am so thankful for his generosity and commitment to me and my dreams. what a truly great partner he has been the past few months! this is such an exciting time for me personally and being able to share it with him and work alongside him in our sweet home office for two (DIY post coming soon as soon as we put on the finishing touches!) has just been the icing on the cake!

i cannot wait to share more over the next few weeks as ground floor coffee becomes a reality–we hope to open by the end of may!!! i will try to blog as much as i can while i juggle opening a coffee shop and my sweet young family. but in the meantime, follow me on twitter for consistent and regular updates! lets face it, tweeting is more sustainable with the littles and todo lists in hand!

happy thursday!




  1. mamanschell

    Well done Sarah and CONGRATS!!! I can feel you smiling big and jumping up and down. We’ll be traveling to the area in August. My little family might have to pop in for a little of your snobby coffee :). xx Megan

    • Megs you HAVE to!! That would be amazing. Although…. I am in Seattle until the 20th. Can you believe littlest brother Jared is getting married?!?! Makes me feel old 😉

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