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reflections on 18 months of staying awake


who knows what the next few years will bring. i feel so blown away by how much my life haschanged since starting this blog and am increasingly surprised at the directions my life is taking.

i started this blog because i was bored. i was watching lots of tv, not dreaming, not really doing anything except spending time with friends and being at home and doing a lot of shopping. these things are fine in and of themselves, but i was asleep inside, shopping to fill a void, eating to fill a void, hanging out with friends to avoid being alone. just moving from one day to the next with no real colour or excitement. hence the blog (and title)!

this was my project, to find out what made me happy again. to rediscover the dreams and life inside of me and begin to live.

it is hard to believe that 18 months later i am often to busy to blog (properly!) and am pursing so many different dreams that i think i might need scale back a bit, if at least for a while.

the city girl in me is also very surprised to find a country girl lurking behind all the design and style love. who knew i would live on nearly an acre of land, own wellies and *gasp* plant my first practical thing in the garden. i am surprising myself. and i kinda like it!

i am discovering that in more ways than one (american in england baby!) i am a hybrid person. i garden in dresses, i bake my own bread in thrifted, vintage bread tins and i am in love with this new urban bluegrass sound coming out at the moment in the indie music scene and i love me some mellow country (hello john mayers new album! love it.), but when i am cleaning my house, i like to dance to flo rida. its true.

it is a weird mix that i myself am surprised by, but i am loving the process. mostly because i know it has been supported and fed and nourished by an incredibly good god. in the words of sam’s current favourite song (that he has affectionately named ‘1-2-3-4’):

it’s always like springtime with you, making all things new, your light is breaking through the dawn.

this love is sweeter than wine, bringing joy, bringing life, your hope is rising like the dawn.

this is what you do, this is what you do, you make me come alive.

he is so great. honestly. his goodness and faithfulness to me is astounding. without him, none of the above would be possible, or much fun!

happy saturday.




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