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seasonal veggie melt: a real food recipe


i cannot believe how well this went down with the littles. i was sure it was going to bomb out considering the high veggie content, but they really loved it. maybe it was the copious amounts of raw cheese i grated over it, or the creme fraiche i dolloped on top. who knows and who cares–they ate their greens!

however, before i get into just how i did it, i need to give credit where credit is due. the original idea for this recipe came from katie over at riddle love. her recipes are usually kid tried and tested and i haven’t made a bad one yet. if you are exploring the real food route with a young family, she is an essential read!

here is my adaptation of her awesome recipe:

5 potatoes, peeled and cubed

handful of chives, finely chopped

olive oil, seasoned salt, thyme and ground pepper

toss all of the above ingredients and bake in a casserole dish at 200 degrees C.

while that is baking (should take about 35 minutes),

grate half a butternut squash

cube 1 large courgette (zucchini for the yanks)

and cube a head of cauliflower

stir fry in olive oil and season with seasoned salt. when the veggies reach your desired ‘doneness’ remove from heat and cover until the potato mixture is done.

once the potatoes are cooked through, layer the stir fried veggies and put a cup or 2 of grated raw cheddar cheese on top.

serve with a dollop of creme fraiche and be amazed!!

the reason i loved it so much is that you can pretty much adapt it to suit whatever is in season, or in my case, what was in my fridge this evening!!

happy sunday!




    • Hi Heather! I agree! I had some normal cheese the other day and it just did not measure up. I have been ruined for raw! Let me know if you end up trying the recipe! Sarah

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