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us oliver girls…


… we like to garden in our dresses.


since we made it through the winter–without getting to cold in our old, but wonderfully charming house–we have decided to stay at number 10 the green as long as we can. and that my friends, means plans. lots and lots of plans! gardening, house decorating (within reason) and lots of summer bbq’s! i have started my list and it has been so fun to dream about how we can make this house ours in the time we are here.

first up is a fruit and vegetable garden.

today was the first day in 2012 where the weather and my schedule lined up to make the perfect gardening day. i didn’t do a ton cause i am still recovering from my back surgery (don’t freak out momma!) but i did manage to dig out last years flower bed with the help of my petite and darling little sidekick.


this little flower bed is getting reworked into a strawberry patch!! i have been doing my research and next weekend the little plants are going in. hopefully we can avoid the outrageous supermarket prices and have a nice crop of our own organic strawberries!

if it works out (i have a notoriously un-green thumb…) you are invited for strawberries and cream!

happy saturday.



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