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a shout out: introducing faith dwight, photographer


i love this photo.

and this one.

and this one.

and yes, this one as well! honestly aren’t they so super?!

i am shamelessly shouting out here. faith dwight is an amazing photographer and you need to check out her new website.

i love her style. her photos are candid, artistic and (in her own words) tell our story. if you live in bedford, or anywhere near here, she is the one you want taking your pics.

not only is she talented, she is great to work with. she is so sweet and good with kids–being a momma herself–and you will not be disappointed.

i am so proud of my sweet friend for chasing down her dream and rocking it.

happy friday!




  1. GreatSmitten

    OH MY GOODNESS, you are the SWEETEST. And your family is gorgeous.

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