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happy mother’s day…

…to my sweet momma. i love this woman. no words can actually nail down all the reasons why this woman is now one of my best friends. but i’m gonna give it a whirl anyway!

she is fun. she is authentic. she has taught me how to love well and how to deal with my messes properly–both emotional and household, although admittedly, she is still a better housekeeper than i am…(i hate cleaning with a passion that burns–its like how much i love coffee, but reverse).

she has inspired me to pursue my dreams through encouragement, support and example–she is still pursuing hers with no signs of slowing up! she loves god, loves people, is generous with her time and money and is the best darn lulu my kids could ask for.

and, leaving the most shallow reason for last, she is showing me how to rock your 50’s. she is a stunner and if she is anything to go by, i have nothing to fear in aging.




  1. Connie Collins

    This is a great tribute to your mom, Sarah!! I have seen all those qualities in her that you described. She’s also passionate about her children AND her grandbabies!!!

  2. Reblogged this on staying awake and commented:

    so, i originally posted this on mothering sunday here in england, but seeing as my sweet momma lives in the states–and today is their mother’s day, here it is again. happy mother’s day momma! i love you!

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