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why i love my job: reason 17

well ok, this is actually the reason why i love my voluntary job. you see, i am indeed paid to be the marketing and training manager of the soon-to-be-open ground floor coffee shop in bedford. but i have also been volunteering my interior design–skills is too generous a word–opinions…and time…and slave labour, to king’s house.

it has been so fun. something that is a hobby has become a ‘job’ of sorts. the dream right?!

the best bit is that i have done TONS of research and as a result, seen some of the coolest, weirdest, most eclectic, inventive and inspiring designs out there. i am sure i have only reached the tip of the iceberg but needless to say, it has been inspiring and made me almost want to get a degree in this discipline.

anywhoo… its nearly midnight so i’ll get to the point. here are my 3 favourite finds this week.

derrier, paris, france. so wacky i don’t even know what to think. but they get respect for you know…not conforming…at all.

amelie and friends, chichester, uk. so pleasing to the eye and definitely the most inventive and fun lighting solution i have seen to date. pretty, pretty.

and finally.

starbucks, fukuoka, japan. yes, i said starbucks. what the heck. it is weird and different and so interesting. i like it that they broke the mold…but i still don’t like their coffee. sorry.

happy saturday!



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