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(my new) old thing



i think i can finally call this a vintage thermos collection now, thanks to this beautiful new orange patterned thermos i found today. it was hiding in what is now officially my new favourite shop in bedford, rose tinted vintage. it is a treasure trove of vintage homewares, clothing and accessories. i left behind a gorgeous camel-brown corduroy men’s jacket, 1950’s little girls pinafore and sadly, a wooden-handled 60’s clutch bag. for another day! this thrifting momma is on a budget.

(i actually officially bought this thermos out of the kid’s activities budget… trust me, the justification for this is humorously far-fetched.)

i look forward to many more thrifting adventures there in the weeks and months to come! yay!

what: vintage thermos
where: rose tinted vintage bedford
cost: £8



  1. Jemma

    Just found your blog and it is fab. Love the thrifting and the “creative(!)” use of the kids activities budget for your lovely thermos addition. Keep blogging and looking forward to the coffee. Best wishes. Jemma x

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