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happy valentines day from staying awake

happy valentines day y’all!!

what a fabulous holiday. a celebration of love and friendship and family. what could be better?!

i didn’t always feel this way about valentines day. in fact i used to think it was so trivial and silly, and for most people, who don’t know the origins of the holiday, i am sure it feels the same. but last year, i looked into it, in my cynicism, and discovered a meaningful history that inspired me. and guess what? that’s right, i blogged about it. you can read, the thing about valentines day… here.

in light of last years findings, we have started some fun family traditions. not just for momma and daddy, but all of us!

here they are:

sourdough pink pancakes for breakfast (yes, they are still in line with our new way of life) and you can find the recipe here.

sweet cards saying what we have loved and appreciated about each other this year.

and watching,be my valentine charlie brown, as a family before bed.

they are pretty small things, but i like to think that just that little bit of special something, and the cards, will start a family culture of honour, generosity and gratitude for each other.

what are you doing to celebrate valentines day with your family this year?!



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