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30 minute strawberry frozen yogurt

ok i nearly died when i found this recipe in jamie oliver’s 30 minute meals cookbook. i love homemade frozen yogurt and i am always doing things at the last minute. usually these 2 things don’t mesh but jamie has done it again. i love this guy. seriously.

now, he added some fancy things like mint and lemongrass and honey and used mangos instead of strawberries, but–as per above comment regarding waiting til the last minute–i didn’t have all the ingredients or the time to go to the store, so, i modified the recipe to the contents of my fridge/freezer and was pleasantly surprised!

here it is:

250g plain organic (raw even better!) yogurt*. the more fat the better, 500g frozen fruit of your choice, 2Tbsp maple syrup (or honey if you prefer).

mix in a blender, adding more fruit until the consistency is as ‘frozen’ as it can get while still moving in the blender (know what i mean?!). when it looks like it just might stop moving cause its so ‘frozen’ remove from blender and put in freezer for 30 mins or so.

*i am sure that if you added a little bit of mascarpone cheese to this it would make it oh so gourmet.

voila! homemade ‘ice cream’ that is suuuuuuuper healthy and quick and lovely for the unorganised but well-meaning momma!

happy v day again!




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