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diy: festive gingerbread house

this was our christmas-y adventure for today!

tools: pre-cute gingerbread house (ours was from ikea!), icing for binding it all together (i quickly whipped up a spiced vanilla buttercream for ours), m&m’s for decorations, icing sugar for snow and a galaxy ripple for the chimney!

instructions: use icing on all edges and lightly push gingerbread ‘house’ sides and roof together. one part of our roof had broken in the package, but was soon fixed with more icing! pipe icing into little balls for the m&m’s to stick and hire a 3-yr-old to put the m&m’s on. they are good at it. they also eat m&m’s along the way, keeping your snacking to a minimum. good weight control strategy!

next, ice the galaxy ripple on the flat side and stick on the side of the house! the best and most fun part, for us, was the ‘snow’. we put some icing sugar into an old spice jar and made the whole thing look real snowy. all done!

oh yea, and take lots of pics for your blog. that is always very important to remember! 🙂

such an easy, fun thing to do! now for the hard part…not eating it until after dinner on christmas eve!!!

love, sarah


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