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leftovers chicken pie

20111220-221142.jpgi hate it when my kids are whining about dinner and i look in the fridge and actually there is a little bit of a lot of leftovers but not much i can do with them. this happens to me a lot recently as i haven’t been making it to the store for a full shop. just the bits I need for the day.

today, however, i must have gotten zapped by the inspiration fairy or something because, no lie, one of the best meals i have ever made came from a fridge full of leftovers. so i’m sharing! get excited.

leftovers chicken pie

leftover organic, free-range roast chicken, chopped
leftover spoilt pig bacon, chopped
onion, chopped
half a courgette (zucchini), chopped
black pepper
sea salt

sauté above ingredients in butter. i used a lot. but it was organic, grass-fed cow butter. so it was ok.

meanwhile i put some puff pastry (found at back of fridge!) on the bottom of casserole dish and put in oven at 200•C to brown slightly.

when the stuff on stove was all nice and sizzling i added some leftover homemade soup (made with stock from the aforementioned roast chicken) to make a juicy filling and simmered it until the pastry in the oven had browned.

i added the filling to the dish, topped with puff pastry and cooked until golden.

honestly… the pastry wasn’t too healthy, but the rest of it was good old fresh, leftover food that probs would have been thrown away. awesome.

what kinds of things do you do with leftovers?! i would love some more inspiration!

happy wednesday.



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