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american by birth, texan by the grace of god

the title of this post is actually from a bumper sticker my sister and i had on the door of our bedroom when our parents moved us away from texas to the distant (or so it felt then!) land of oklahoma. i soon found out that oklahoma isn’t terribly different, but the sentiment still remains. although maybe now it should read, american by birth, southern by the grace of god.

whichever way you figure, i am southern. move me around the usa. plant me in england. i am still a small town girl from dixie-land. and some days–in between the ‘a bit’s, ‘shall we’s, and all manner of other english figures of speech i have adopted–i long to talk like i used to. today is one of those days, so i figured i would make you a list of the southern words i miss. enjoy!

dadgum, cotton pickin, figure, y’all, cattywampas, fixin’to, hankering, howdy, ain’t, hunkey dorey, piddlin’, tarnation and yonder.

it makes me smile just to read ’em!




  1. Cindy M. Molder

    Love your blogpost. From one southern girl to another…G.R.I.T.S = Girls Raised In The South…keep writing, you have a gift…

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