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sam’s cooking adventures

ah the adventures we have in our kitchen!

since we moved, our kitchen is much bigger and i have been using the opportunity to teach sam some basic cooking techniques. it’s been so much fun. and nothing better for my little half-englishman today than learning to make some home-made chunky chips!


step one: cut the potato into chunks. for this sam is using the pampered chef kids knife. its fantastic and is used most days!


step two: potatoes in baking tray




step three: add olive oil, salt (i am aware the amount of salt pictured is higher than the rda. the holes were big…) and stir to mix together!


step four: cook at 200 degrees c for 30 mins.



and voila! hand cut chunky chips a la sam. so much healthier than bought chips (aside from the salt slip up!) and so much more satisfying. i mean, doesn’t he look so cute and proud of himself?! i love his cute little face!



  1. Look at how careful he is with the knife! Will would be waving it round shouting pirate phrases at me…

    Well done Sam!

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