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whats been going on

i have been baking. and making water kefir. and playing lots of music. and listening to lots of music. and breaking up fights. and designing coffee bars. and changing diapers. and learning new songs on guitar. and watching downton abbey. and going on adventures into london with my kids. and cleaning up messes. and teaching sam that lying isn’t so much fun for mommy. and dealing with an 17-month going on 13. (seriously. i got slapped in the face for not letting her put on my mascara…lord help me.) and doing coffee tastings. the list goes on. i am a busy woman.

i was thinking this morning–whilst glugging my coffee down in-between making, serving and clearing breakfast–about the things i miss about having space and time. like doing crosswords while i drink my coffee. or, in fact, even being able to drink my coffee slowly. or having time to potter around the house (i love that word by the way. potter. possibly my most favourite english word. its so wonderfully descriptive!). or even having time to shave my legs in the shower every morning. i miss that. richard misses that!

but in the same breath i thought about how nice it is to feel focused. not having much time cause you have lots of jobs/chores to do gives you focus. and i find that really fun and meaningful. mostly because instead of being busy doing things i do not enjoy, for whatever reason. i am super busy with things that i chose and i love. even if my legs are a little hairier!




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