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the list: thing 6

living simply. this phrase, i feel, has been overused to the point of confusion recently. so, i’ll just give you my definition. less stuff=less stuff maintenance. less stuff maintenance=more time to do the things i love. more time to do the things i love=staying awake and enjoying the moment more. this all started with our recent house move. we lived in our previous house for 6 years and naturally accumulated a lot of stuff. some junk, some nostalgic, some necessary. when we found our current house i got an itch for cleansing and was ruthless as i packed up my house. i threw stuff away, bagged up tons for charity, sold what was in good condition. it was amazingly therapeutic. then, as i was unpacking at the new house, again i looked at things and wondered why i had decided to bring them with us. more bags for charity, more items on eBay. the freedom i have felt from having less things around me has been a little addictive and i am actually now researching capsule wardrobes and looking at project 333 to see if we can cull our wardrobes down (hello, laundry EVERDAY!).

have i actually been doing the things i love with my freer time you ask? yes. i am baking more, blogging more, reading to my kids, reading books i enjoy, writing songs, etc. i genuinely have noticed a difference!

sarah xo


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