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the list: thing 5

being thrifty. our situation as it stands–one salary, two kids, close family across the pond and one of the most expensive countries to live in on the planet–we do not have money to burn. we are not poor by any stretch if you look at the rest of the world or even our town. but, our situation and, lets be completely honest here, my impulsivity, mean that it is very easy for us to get into debt. and very difficult for us to get out of debt. we have learned a lot of hard lessons over the years about debt, overspending and budgeting well. it has been an uphill and–on my part–a very begrudging battle, but it is one i think we have reached, and crossed, the tipping point on. praise god. and i am actually enjoying learning to live well on less. it uses my strengths, utilises my love for vintage and second-hand does wonders for my relationship with richard, and means that we do not feel guilty when we do spend on treats. a winner all around. my good friend faith over at great smitten has been discovering this same thing and wrote a great blog post on budgeting a few months back that y’all will love.

happy sunday!

sarah xo


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