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let’s do it together

so i was sitting here researching food fermentation–as you do…ha! it’s one of the many actions from my new, huge, but expertly planned to do list–and simultaneously thinking i really wanted to blog but didn’t have time.

and decided, i do, if i write about food fermentation. oh the joys!

so yea, i’m learning its really good for you. you can check out websites like cultures for health, food renegade and riddle love (my personal favourite!) for more concise and scientific back up if you are as interested as i am!

basically, i have decided to start small on this new adventure by replacing our everyday bread with sourdough. i freaking love sourdough bread so this is not much of a push or sacrifice for me. swapping kombucha for coffee will be a massive sacrifice and one that, i assure you, will probably never happen. but sourdough, i’m good with that.

however! it’s not like i can just whip it up and have it for tomorrow. no no. i need to make a sourdough baby first. i am oddly and overly excited about this! so much so that i think you should all join me and tell me about your culturing adventures too!

here is the sourdough bread and baby creating recipe i am working from.

go, ferment, be merry… and get back to me!


p.s. can you make spelt sourdough bread i wonder?! this will be a task for future sourdough-rocking-sarah to undertake i think…

UPDATE: didn’t have to wait actually. sourdough-novice sarah was up to the task. here are the recipe and helpful videos for sourdough spelt bread.

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