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i miss my freaking blog

i am wife to incredible richard. mom to charming sam and gorgeous rae. worship leader. breastfeeding peer supporter. small group leader. coach. interior design and coffee shop consultant. writer. friend.

that’s a lot of freaking hats to wear. i love them all. but don’t have the time i long for to do them all the way i want to do them. today, amidst my sweet kids and daily house stuff, i am having a strategy day. as i type, rae is on my back in the ergo playing with my hair… ha! gone are the days of single-minded focus. anyway i digress!

today, i am making lists, planning time, blocking out evenings, all for the things i love.

a night for blogging will DEFINITELY be in there. like i said a few weeks ago, there is a growing list of drafts just waiting to be tweaked for your viewing pleasure. hopefully one day you will be able to read them.

until then, browse through some old stuff and wish me luck on all my planning and prioritising!

lots of love,


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